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    Recent Speaking Appearances

    Making a Web Site Successful

    Companies are now turning away from a "brochureware" Web site of static pages to a fully interactive Web site that can create relationships with prospects and customers. The challenge is how to apply sound marketing principles to this new medium.

    This presentation shows how the traditional Marketing Mix and the VALS psychographic segmentation are used with today's one-to-one Web marketing techniques.

    • Understanding the new Web Marketing Mix
    • Empathizing with each customer's needs, wants, and desires
    • Applying personalization and community tools to create relationships

    Planning and Designing Personalized Web Sites That Work

    Many companies want to use personalization to increase audience attention and customer loyalty, but don't know how to add personalization that is beneficial to their audience. This session describes how to know what a Web audience is looking for and what information they will reveal about themselves. Learn to use one-to-one Web marketing techniques to understand your audience and meet their needs -- profitably!
    • Looking at the Web through the customer's eyes
    • Using Web personalization tools to deliver compelling messages
    • Personalizing content for marketing, sales, and customer service
    • Integrating the profile database into traditional database marketing
    • Determining the ROI of adding personalization to a Web site

    Making Your Web Site Work for You

    Learn tips and techniques your software company can use on your Web site to generate leads and close sales.
    • Generating Traffic on Your Web Site
    • Building Relationships with One-to-One Web Marketing
    • Selling Software Online
    • Supporting Customers Via the Web

    Turning Web Surfers into Paying Tourists

    One of the most popular marketing communications tools today is the Internet's World Wide Web. On the Web, tourists can review a wide variety of text, graphics, and interactive attractions to plan their vacations.

    This three-hour workshop will help you create a Web site that attracts the right audience - and generate the right prospects - for your destination. You'll take a seven-step test to identify products and services that sell on the Web so you'll know what will succeed on your Web site.

    This workshop will help you understand how to:

    • Develop quality content that is fun, interesting, and generates quality prospects.
    • Show potential customers a photographic tour that helps them plan their visit.
    • Coordinate on-line promotions with traditional promotions to increase the impact of both.
    • Use Web techniques to qualify prospects and inform potential visitors.
    • Measure the effectiveness of your Web promotions.

    Reviving Your Web Site: Dynamic Content Authoring and Site Management

    Maintaining your site’s freshness and enabling dynamic interaction requires database-enabling your site with dynamic content authoring, management and repository technologies, staffing it with competent database administrators, training content developers to use your dynamic site creation system effectively, facilitating version control and more. This presentation provides an in-depth look at some of the key technologies available for dynamic content authoring and management, as well as highlight examples of several successful, dynamically-driven Web sites.

    This presentation covers:
    • Overview of dynamic content authoring and management technologies
    • Explanation of how to use databases as content repositories
    • Inventory of leading dynamic Web site software packages
    • Case studies of successful, dynamically-driven Web sites

    Recent Speaking Appearances

    Cliff has spoken on Internet topics at numerous national and regional conferences, such as:
    • Web Marketing (speech)
    • Duke Entrepreneurial Conference (speech)
    • Software Publishers Association (panel)
    • The Center for Business Intelligence - Online Travel Services (workshop)
    • Minn. Governor's Conference on Travel & Tourism (speech, workshop)
    • N.C. Governor's Conference on Travel & Tourism (speech)
    • Council for Entrepreneurial Development (panel, speech)
    • Small Business & Technology Development Center (workshop)
    • PC Expo - New York

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