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Increase somwhat
No change
Decrease somewhat
Decrease significantly
No budget for social media marketing

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    Executive Briefings

    Maximize the benefits of the Internet to your marketing and sales activities

    Many corporations are looking for ways to use the Internet to improve marketing and sales, streamline customer service, and reduce internal operating costs. Unfortunately, the senior staffs of many corporations have different levels of experience, knowledge, and expectations of what the Internet can do for their company.

    The solution is for senior executives to receive a private briefing tailored to their needs that can help them understand the current state of the Internet and develop a plan to maximize the benefits of the Internet.

    This briefing will save you many times its cost by helping your company develop a solid plan for using the Internet effectively and profitably.

    Understand today's Internet

    Cliff Allen delivers private, customized three-hour Executive Briefings that help top management deal with the challenges facing their corporation in their own competitive environment. Executive Briefings are tailored to each company's needs to meet these goals:
    • Present the current state of the Internet for use in marketing, sales, customer service, and internal cost reduction
    • Discuss specific ways Internet technology can be applied to achieve the company's business goals and objectives
    • Estimate the ROI for each potential Internet application
    • Prioritize the list of Internet applications that will make the greatest impact on the corporation
    • Introduce one-to-one Web marketing techniques that create ongoing relationships with prospects, customers, and employees

    Develop a plan to benefit from the Internet

    Following the Executive Briefing, you will receive a confidential written report summarizing the recommended strategy that we develop together, plus the recommended development and implementation plan covered during the Executive Briefing.

    In addition, you will receive updates to the plan for three months and unlimited telephone consultation to help your company move from planning to implementation.

    Maximize the benefits of the Internet

    If you are looking to use the Internet to improve your company's marketing and sales activities, this briefing will save you many times its cost by helping you develop a solid plan for your use of the Internet. To learn more about how your company can benefit from an Executive Briefing, planning report, and continuing consultation, contact Cliff Allen.

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