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    Motion Computing Tablet PC

    The size and shape of personal computers has been evolving from desktop computers to laptops as many people work outside the office. Salespeople were early adopters of laptops that could be taken to customer locations for presentations.

    The evolution continues as field salespeople start using Tablet PCs that accept handwriting anywhere on the screen, such as during PowerPoint presentations, for drawings and diagrams in customer meetings, and other places where handwriting is better than a keyboard.

    I recently started using a Tablet PC from Motion Computing to reduce the time spent using the keyboard on my desktop computer. Now, practically everything I write is done on my Motion Tablet PC.

    It's been surprising how many times handwriting is a better way to capture information than using a laptop computer -- especially in free-wheeling meetings on marketing strategy and sales planning.

    It turns out that field salespeople have been discovering Tablet PCs since they came out. Here's a comment from Scott Eckert, CEO of Motion Computing:

    Motion has a strong brand in healthcare -- it’s about half of our business –- but we’ve also been very successful in field sales and service automation and state and local government, which are also very important markets for us. We’re focused on understanding the special needs of these markets, and serving them really well with hardware, software, wireless, and services.

    If you or your sales team are on the road giving presentations or working directly with customers, start a pilot project to see if Tablet PCs can increase productivity and efficiency.

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