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    CRM - Customer Relationship Management - Customer relationship management (CRM) has become a key processes used by companies to track and organize its interactions with potential and current customers. Articles in this section will give you an introduction or overview into what CRM is, how CRM techniques are used, and links to CRM vendors.

    Segmenting Your Market with Web Analytics - Profiling individuals on the Web allows us to not only select which message to deliver to each individual, but also helps us learn about the needs and interests of each person. This can be used to segment an audience in ways that traditional direct marketers have only dreamed of.

    Just What Is Marketing? - Marketing at many companies has come to focus on only one aspect of marketing, such as advertising or direct marketing, without taking advantage of other marketing aspects that can improve overall effectiveness. Take a look at the entire spectrum of marketing activities.

    What is Strategic Marketing Planning? - Every CEO and marketing executive periodically faces urgent strategic marketing challenges that can affect the future of the company for many years. Frequently these decisions are made without having an opportunity to study the situation and make the best possible decision. A better approach is to perform an annual comprehensive review of markets and opportunities, then make long-term strategic decisions without the distractions of day-to-day marketing and sales activities.

    Strategy First, Then Tactics - Many entrepreneurs and marketing executives at corporations find themselves responsible for tactical marketing decisions without the benefit having of a clear marketing strategy. Steve Brotman points out how important it is to have a sound strategy before you can develop an effective tactical marketing and sales program.

    Books - Books that will make an impact on your marketing.

    Marketers and Customers Benefit from Differentiation and Segmentation - Seth Godin recently posted an item on his blog about differentiation and segmentation being a selfish marketing practices. That prompted a discussion across several blogs, but who's right? Is the use of differentiation and segmentation outdated and counterproductive? Or, do customers and marketers both benefit when differentiation and segmentation are properly used?

    Top 10 Tips for Search Engine Optimization - One of the most cost effective ways to attract new visitors to your Web site is to obtain high rankings at search engines. Google and the other major search engines are the sites where most Web users start their search for information, products, and solutions for problems. The challenge is how to optimize a Web site so that search engines will rank your site so people will actually see — and click on — a link to your site.

    Marketing Research is Everywhere - Every marketer needs lots of data about customers, non-customers, and competitors. However, market research data is usually hard to get — and more expensive than you'd think. Fortunately, marketing research data is everywhere.

    What is Integrated Sales and Marketing? - A company has an integrated marketing and sales program when the sales and marketing teams work together to take a prospective customer from initial awareness through to becoming a loyal customer. However, in many companies these two groups do not work together as an integrated team to quickly and smoothly move prospects through the decision-making process to buy your products.

    Unifying B2B Marketing and Sales - The business-to-business (B2B) sector presents marketers with a number of challenges not found in the business-to-consumer sector or the services sectors of our economy. In this article we will explore several aspects of both B2B marketing and B2B sales.

    Planning for One-to-One Web Marketing - There are a number of personalization techniques that are being used successfully to motivate people to return to a Web site time and time again, but planning is essential to make them effective.

    Applying Personalization to the Purchase Decision Process - As customers move throught the evaluation and decision purchase process they need different types of information -- and personalization can help you meet those needs.

    Higher Quality Content Means Higher Quality Prospects - The quality and amount of content are major factors in the success of a site, because it's the content -- text, photos, and illustrations -- that helps customers determine whether they want to do business with that company.

    Web Personalization for One-to-One Web Marketing - It's time for marketing to learn a trick from the sales side -- look, listen, and interact with potential customers.

    Less Is More - The Magic of Personalization - A site that takes full advantage of personalization reacts to each person very quickly with instantaneous access to the profile database and content databases. As the server selects which content to include, it's also determining which content not to include.

    Personalization vs. Customization - Move beyond Web site customization to help visitors have an "aha!" experience.

    Ask Once And Remember - Web sites that ask for information only once and remember the answers can increase loyalty and maximize profitable sales.

    Anonymous Personalization: Part I - Personalization versus privacy. It's not a question of which will ultimately prevail. But rather, how can we have both?

    Anonymous Personalization: Part II - Personalization doesn't always require that you obtain personally identifiable information about a visitor -- many times you can personalize your Web content by only knowing their interests and preferences.

    Updating Visitor Profiles - Changing needs means Web visitors need to have their interest profile updated.

    Guiding Visitors Through Your Site With Profiling - Have you noticed how few Web sites give special treatment to people who return numerous times? Fortunately, there are tools and techniques that can help you guide visitors through your site based on their interest profile.

    Conversational Web Sites - There's more to having a conversational Web site than writing style -- it needs to interact with visitors.

    Tailoring Your Site to Your Visitors - Consider using one of the technologies to tailor the look of the home page and recognize each time a visitor returns to your site.

    Consumers' Purchase-Decision Criteria - Too few e-commerce sites emphasize benefits in product descriptions. Yet the complex personal, psychological, and social factors that determine how consumers rate the importance of product features serve a single motivation: How do I benefit?

    Building Relationships With Personalization - Understanding what personalization is all about regarding potential customers. Variables that can affect how fast a relationship can be developed.

    Customer Service In Good Form - Online product registration forms can make customer service easier for the manufacturer and more valuable to the customer.

    Be Open to Closed-Loop Marketing - Though it's sometimes tough to implement, making marketers feel as if they're going in circles, closed-loop marketing can help you adjust marketing campaigns to deliver highly targeted content and advertising.

    Qualifying Prospects - Does your product or service fit your prospect's needs? Has the prospect committed to making a purchase within a reasonable time frame? Has the prospect's management approved a budget? Web qualification may give you the answers.

    Why Do They Buy? - Understanding specific motivations of consumers or business buyers can be a challenge. Most of the time, it is known what motivates customers to make a purchase. There is a product that saves them some time, saves them money, and makes them feel good. Yet sometimes marketers can tap into an additional group of customers by understanding why they buy the product.

    How to Measure the Effectiveness of E-mail Newsletter Ads - E-mail newsletters join other direct marketing pieces in having their ads tested.

    Correlating Web-User Data - The statistical term "correlation" has found its way into popular business language. Often, though, no measurement of correlation has actually taken place. That's too bad. Because there's probably a correlation between measuring correlation and increasing revenue.

    Bimodal Distributions Contain Clues - One of the most unusual aspects of data about people and nature is its uneven distribution. Explore the non-normal distribution called bimodal distribution.

    Leading Indicators of The Future - Forecasting, whether it's the weather or revenue, requires the right tools, techniques, and experience in using both. For instance, Web marketers with visitor profile information can find leading indicators hiding in their data -- data that can help predict the future.

    Narrow the Niche and Improve Profits - Targeting allows us to deliver the marketing message to the people who are most likely to be interested in the benefits our products deliver. The challenge in choosing the best target market.

    Forecasting the Turning Point - dramatic changes in the country's economic climate can lead to a major turning point in a company's revenue growth pattern. Knowing ahead of time that a major change in growth is about to occur allows managers to develop plans without the pressure of having to immediately react to unforeseen changes.

    Allowing for Personal Choice -- HTML or Text E-Mail - When you ask readers whether they want your e-mail newsletter in HTML or text e-mail, be sure to honor their preference.

    Speed Bumps for Impulse Buyers - Sometimes prospective customers can become so excited about finding a product or service with features they've been looking for that they forget to make sure the product really fits all their needs. Here are some tips to help those customers.

    Effective Online Merchandising Techniques - Applying some traditional merchandising techniques to online shopping should be fundamental for online retailers.

    Do Web Enhancements Pay Off? - When it comes to making decisions about online marketing, combining economic analysis with experience leads to the best decisions possible in this uncertain world.

    B-to-B Selling Tools for Targeting Corporate Committees - The Web can help with one of the most lucrative -- but challenging -- situations in selling to businesses: the committee decision.

    Tip the Scales in Your Favor With Product Differentiation - Tip the Scales in Your Favor With Product Differentiation | Add weight to features in "high value" areas to gain product differentiation.

    Loyalty Works Both Ways - A top-notch loyalty program aims at more than just getting to always buy from the company. It also includes being loyal to customers -- listening to their needs and desires, then looking for special ways to treat these loyal customers.

    Making Sure Words Communicate - Words, graphics, and photographs are the tools used to communicate with customers, and a Web site is one way to deliver that message. We need to choose our words carefully.

    Emotions Trigger The Right Moves - We pump out a lot of information about product features and benefits on the Web, but have you taken a look at how much -- or maybe how little -- we use emotional appeals to help customers buy our products? Take a look at how customers make purchase decisions.

    Applying the Cluetrain Manifesto to One-to-One Web Marketing - There are several ways to have conversations with people on the Internet. The technology you use is not as important as how well you engage the other person on a one-to-one basis.

    Technology in Marketing - Marketers have used technology for ages to communicate with prospects and customers. Here are some technology products and services that marketers will find useful.

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