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    CRM is More Than Create Reports for Management

    A CNET interview with Roger Siboni, head of CRM software company Epiphany, shows a real understanding of why so many large companies have not achieved their objectives after installing CRM software.

    Siboni makes the point that most CRM usage has been in the area of sales force automation (SFA). Trying to make salespeople fill out call reports and provide data to headquarters is like trying to herd cats.

    The only way to motivate salespeople to use an SFA system is to select a system that helps them increase revenue and reduce their administrative workload. Sure, management needs their revenue forecasts and call reports, but that needs to be a byproduct of helping the sales force generate more revenue.

    Epiphany's approach to SFA is to "take vast amounts of information about customers the companies have that they don't use and put it front and center."

    As you read the interview, ask yourself how you can apply Siboni's suggestion that salespeople have information about:

    • How a prospect reacted to recent online and offline marketing campaigns
    • Recent customer service issues

    Epiphany's approach to CRM is definitely one for Fortune 1000 companies to consider. However, the majority of mid-sized companies need to consider less expensive solutions that can provide many of the same benefits as Epiphany's products.

    Cliff Allen is the co-author of the book One-to-One Web Marketing; 2nd Ed., published by John Wiley & Sons, and has consulted with companies on strategic marketing for 20 years.

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