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    Jack Aaronson on Personalization

    Jack Aaronson is one of those few marketing consultants who has years of day-to-day experience making personalization and one-to-one marketing work.

    He was responsible for Barnes&'s personalization activities starting in 1999. Part of what makes his views especially valuable is that he was responsible for the vision and strategy for personalization on the site and for the day-to-day activities of designing all personalized features on the site. Being at a high traffic site means he had an unusual vantage point to test many personalization techniques and see the results first-hand.

    Today, Web personalization is frequently part of an overall approach to customer relationship management (CRM). While many companies have focused their CRM efforts on improving the sales process, CRM can be more effective by integrating Web personalization into the mix to provide a more complete picture of the customer.

    He has written a regular column for on personalization and CRM, but his new articles are appearing on his Web site at

    Check out his articles, then subscribe to his newsletter. You'll pick up some excellent insights.

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