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    Ochman on Public Relations

    Public relations has always played a big role in a successful marketing communications program primarily because of the implied third-party endorsement of the reporters, editors, and others who influence your market.

    However, public relations is much more than obtaining coverage in print and online publications. There are many more PR activities that can generate sales leads, such as starting an e-mail newsletter and making sure your Web site message matches your market.

    B.L. Ockman's "What's Next Online" site ( contains a valuable archive of her newsletters and articles that explain exactly what to do -- and what not to do -- to have an effective public relations program.

    Ochman ran an award-winning New York PR firm that grew to one of the 100 largest independent PR firms in the US before she turned her talents to the Internet in 1995, so she truly understands how to make public relations work.

    I suggest that you read the articles on her site, subscribe to her newsletter, and check out her no nonsense, in-depth reports.

    The tips and techniques you'll find will make a big difference in your marketing program.

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