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    Study Debunks E-Mail Overload Myths

    Many of us who work in the online industry receive a great deal of e-mail, and sometimes we assume that everyone else does, too. However, a new study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found just the opposite.

    In fact, the results of the survey are encouraging for business-to-business marketers using e-mail to reach prospects and customers.

    The study focused on how people use e-mail at work and found:

    • 62% of all employed Americans have Internet access and use e-mail
    • 60% of those who use e-mail receive 10 or fewer messages per day
    • 6% receive more than 50 messages per day
    • 52% say that most of the e-mail they receive is essential to their work
    • 71% say that very little of the e-mail received is spam

    In general, the study found that most workers have a positive attitude about e-mail and do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of e-mail they receive.

    This means there is a significant opportunity for B-to-B marketers to increase their e-mail marketing activities. For most marketers this means starting a monthly e-mail newsletter that can grow the relationship with prospects to the point where a salesperson is needed.

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