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    Brown on E-Mail Newsletters and E-Zines

    Direct marketing has always been an effective way to stay in contact with prospects and customers, and the Internet makes direct marketing more effective than ever.

    While postal mail will always be rather expensive, e-mail marketing has become very cost effective and efficient for direct marketers. However, there are many challenges to achieve maximize value from e-mail marketing.

    E-mail newsletters, sometimes called "e-zines" (i.e., electronic magazines), are the best format for staying in touch with prospects and customers throughout a long sales cycle.

    One of the biggest challenges in producing a marketing-oriented e-mail newsletter is creating the right content for your target market. If your e-mail messages contain only product pitches your readers will unsubscribe. If your e-mails only contain educational information you'll never sell your product.

    Marketing consultant Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," has identified the key factors to success with an e-mail marketing program. Brown shares her tips and techniques in a series of articles on her Web site (

    Her articles cover every aspect of e-mail newsletters from building a list to creating content -- and turning subscribers into customers!

    When you check out her site be sure to subscribe to her newsletter so you can keep up on the tips she provides.

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