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    Marketing ROI of RSS

    We've seen the power of blogs to affect news coverage of major issues over the past year. So, why haven't marketers adopted the techniques used by bloggers to increase their Web traffic and sales?

    Part of the power of blogs is the use of special formats that instantly feed headlines and links to blog readers, driving traffic to their Web sites within minutes. These Webfeeds (with technical names such as RSS and Atom) help bloggers and news Web sites achieve two goals that marketers have been unable to achieve with e-mail marketing:

    • Delivery Speed — Webfeeds are available to readers immediately after a Web page has been published, eliminating the extra publishing cycle needed to create a newsletter.
    • Bypass spam filters — Content is delivered exactly as you want it to appear without worrying that spam filters will block messages to people who want your material.

    So why haven't marketers jumped on the Webfeed bandwagon?

    It's been interesting to help clients develop their Webfeed marketing strategy. There are some technical and branding challenges, but we've overcome each of those. The biggest question they want answered is just how valuable Webfeeds can be to their marketing activities.

    Kari Sullivan gives us a look (Viral Marketing Via Email is for Sissies) at how much more valuable her Webfeed marketing is over her opt-in e-mail marketing activities. She says that one Webfeed subscriber is worth about 15 to 20 e-mail subscribers.

    Great ROI, Kari!

    And, it's a great time to get serious about Webfeed marketing.

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