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    Branding vs ROI

    Brian Carroll has pulled together excellent comments and links about B-to-B branding versus lead generation.

    He asks the key question that's at the heart of the B-to-B branding discussion: "Why is brand awareness a top priority for marketers when CEO's consistently rank ROI measurement as their number one marketing imperative?

    As a kid I learned about branding the old fashioned way — with a branding iron on my grandfather's ranch. He was very proud of the brand we placed on our cattle because he knew it represented the positive experience other ranchers had in dealing with him.

    He taught me that a brand is more than a logo or illustration — it represents the sum total of the experiences someone has in dealing with that branded product or service.

    That's why it's important to create an appropriate lead generation experience for potential customers — not just make branding promises — in order to generate revenue.

    Cliff Allen is the co-author of the book One-to-One Web Marketing; 2nd Ed., published by John Wiley & Sons, and has consulted with companies on strategic marketing for 20 years.

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