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    Customizing Hosted CRM

    The popular benefits of using a hosted CRM service are that it's quick to implement and very inexpensive compared to traditional CRM software. Unfortunately, most of the hosted CRM services use one copy of their software for all customers — which means it cannot really be customized for unique needs.

    Many companies are finding that what they really need is a hosted CRM service that's customizable. This is pointed out in the article Analysis: Problems facing hosted CRM vendors, warn research firms:

    Users are mistaking ease of deployment of hosted applications with ease of customization, warned research firm Beagle Research, while Nucleus Research predicted that some customers will reconsider hosting as the longer term costs become more apparent.

    The article talks about using Microsoft CRM from one of their application service providers, as well as using, which was designed to be a hosted CRM service.

    To make it a little easier to research customizing a hosted CRM service, here's a Google search link for customizable hosted CRM that'll get you started.

    As you can imagine, I have some favorites in the customizable hosted CRM space, as well as some good recommendations of generic hosted CRM services. Let me know if you'd like my thoughts on this topic.

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